Are your popcorn balls really, really vegan?

Is water wet? Does James Brown get down? Are rocks hard? These are all questions for the ages, and we are delighted to settle your wondering mind and say yes, no matter the variety you choose, you will receive a 100% animal-not-included popcorn ball. **Please note, our manufacturer produces food for other companies that are not 100% vegan. Though our entire ingredients list is vegan, balls may contain traces of animal products. (We gotta say that, the big man says so.)

Do you use honey in your confections?

Those stinging little suckers have their own hives to worry about. So no. Besides, have you ever tried to take on the Queen? She will duke it out with you, and she means business. We refer back to Question 1, yes, our popcorn balls are vegan.

Are you keeping it Kosher?

Our attitude, yes. Our popcorn balls, we're afraid not. 

I only eat organic, non-GMO food. Should I offer these as snacks at my next rally against Monsanto?

While we love a local farmer's market as much as the next plant-eating, dog-rescuing operation, the certification for organic and non-GMO is expensive and cumbersome, especially for small boutique businesses like ours. We do make efforts to source ingredients that way when possible.

Artificial preservatives and ingredients skeeve me out. Are you popcorn balls all natural?

Oh yes, decidedly so. The only ingredient you may not recognize is our natural flavorings, and those come from a 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free supplier that we think are the bee's knees. (No bee's were harmed in the making of that cliche.)


Just looking at bread makes me keel over. Are your popcorn balls gluten-free?

We like to spice things up from time to time and that may include offering balls that have pie crust or graham crackers or some other delicious wheat-involved situation. However, most of our popcorn balls are gluten-free. You'll see the offending gluten-included balls noted in each description, so read carefully. **Please note, our kitchen is not gluten free, and traces of gluten may be found in any of our balls at any given time.

What about nuts? Death by peanuts is a sad way for me to go. 

Ah yes, the dreaded nut allergy. Some of our balls contain nuts, and some don't. Does coconut count as a nut? FDA says so. If it does, then ALL of our balls contain nuts. Our luscious plant-based butter has coconut oil in it, so I suppose if you are coconut-free, all we can offer you is our condolences. ** Please note, our kitchen is NOT a nut-free facility. Product may contain traces of nuts.


Help! My popcorn balls haven't arrived yet and you said they'd be here by now!

Oh my, that is troublesome! Fill out our contact form  and we will start sleuthing around to see where your precious sweets may have landed. We are on the case! 

My blasted order is wrong, you fools! How do I go about getting this fixed?! 

Oh dear, we are so sorry to hear that! Our psychic sense tells us you are sending angry-face emoji's all the way from over there. We will sort you out in a jiffy, just close the emoticons screen and contact us.

I want to savor them and not rush through my order. How long will your popcorn balls keep for?

Yes, taking your time to enjoy things in life is always a splendid idea! You'll want to examine the packaging on your order for an expiration date, they are absolutely incredible if enjoyed before then. 

What are the bulk order options? I've got an office party to endure and I'm expected to show up with something and everyone else already called dibs on crockpot recipes with cream cheese. 

We'd be delighted to help you earn cool points at your next event. Our options range from a close Christmas party of 20 up to that obligatory boss's baby shower you are not only attending, but agreed to bring a dish to. Contact us and let us know what you need to be the star of the show.

My hipster husband and I are having a wedding complete with foods from our favorite remote village, interpretive dancing, and a ukulele band. We need an equally meaningful wedding favor. Can you do that?

Why, yes, you trendsetters you! Let us elevate your event with socially conscious, artisan, old time treats like individually boxed popcorn balls. If you're nice, we might even let you design your own so, you know, you can express yourself. 

I run a restaurant/grocery/retail shop and I want to talk wholesale. Who do I reach out to?

Quick like a fox head over to our Wholesale Page, and we'll find someone who knows what they are talking about to chat with you.

I am a business owner and would like to talk partnerships. What next?

Oh, we love new friends! Email us a little bit about your company and what you have in mind at