Happy Hipster Popcorn Ball from the Curious Confectionery


There once was a lady who ate plants a plenty and wanted a sweet on the side

She looked and she looked through her many cookbooks but cravings were not what she'd find

Rather instead she fizzled her head and puzzled and pondered with wine

Till one night she inspired a peculiar desire to taste a curious delight

Oh, the lists, there were many but many a penny were spent on things that aren't food

So she went on about with her plants and her clout and sorted what fitted her mood

Spices and sweetness and popcorn completeness and sticky to cover it all

As the popcorn balls were made her husband would cave and later encourage them all

For she found some good friends who believed to the end that her popcorn balls were something divine

So they partnered and pushed and photo'ed and shushed and designed till everything was fine

And so we present with your sweet tooth's consent the sweets and the treats we've conspired

They're candied and airy, you won't find contrary, The Curious Confectionery